CFD 265 – Ian Balina Helps Us Put the Hustle in Our Real Estate Efforts and More

  • 3 years ago

Today’s Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Ian Balina is the CEO of PeerHustle, a mobile on-demand marketplace for today’s sharing economy and entrepreneurs everywhere. Ian does short-term real estate rentals and owns a video production company… and still keeps his day job at IBM!

So telling people you don’t have time to do much in real estate, you might want to stop saying it. Ian works every day and then every night… and he’s doing some pretty cool things.

Ian has always kept a hustle in his step. He was raised in a strict household by educated parents who got him to read a lot. They made him go to the library during summers. So he started making it fun and read about people like Bill Gates and about technologies. Ian decided early on that he wanted to grow up to become a technology expert. So that’s what he did!

Ian was a self-learner, which meant he taught himself to build websites and all sorts of things online. This led him to starting his own web-design company and then started a design-hustle business. Eventually he and a friend created a multi-lingual dictionary online called Leximo. Ian was now a full-blown entrepreneur, approaching investors and learning the ropes as a business owner. While this idea didn’t go as far as Ian and his partner would have liked, he says it was a great experience and though the start-up stalled, Ian found his way to IBM as an IT guy.

Ian says he has used his “hacker mentality” to create different things and keep himself busy. He says he doesn’t remember a time when he wasn’t trying to figure out how to hack different systems and learn how things work.

What Ian and his team have created now is PeerHustle, a really interesting new mobile application that helps you find the right local freelancers for your needs and talented freelancers to find cool local gigs the social way. The cool thing you’ll learn is that Ian tested the market prior to creating the service for under $20! Learn more. LISTEN NOW.