CFD 266 – How to Choose the Best Partner in Business and in Life

This episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast is a bit of a different animal. For this one I’m not alone. In fact, I invited my partner in life to join me today. Yes, it’s my lovely wife Popi. Join us as we discuss partnerships… and not just in marriage.

In both business and in life, it takes a village to help us get through. Your life requires input from a few supportive people. (That said, stay away from negative people.) I’m fortunate to have Popi as my partner in all areas of my life.

Popi isn’t new to the concept of being a team player. She was a volleyball star in school. But that’s not all. You’ll have to listen to this episode to hear her path. Popi talks about how doing the boring stuff repeatedly is part of doing really well on the playing field. She also talks about how bonding works to make a tighter team. It boils down to trust.

Admittedly, my wife is pretty terrific. She certainly supported me when I first got into real estate investing. She makes a great partner because she understands that everyone on a team – whether that’s family or in business – everyone plays different positions.

If you listen closely, you’ll hear how playing on a team in sports is seriously similar to building a team in business! Not everyone will have the same role or skill sets. You need different ingredients to make your recipe for success work well. That includes partners.

When you choose to work with a partner, you will each be responsible for different tasks. Play to your strengths. When putting deals together you need money, time, knowledge and credit, but that doesn’t mean it’s all on you to provide all these ingredients!

Stick with this episode to the end and learn what it takes to choose the best partners and members of your team. There are several lessons in this very personal episode of Cash Flow Diary! Learn more. LISTEN NOW.