CFD 268 – 2 Things You Can Do To Stop Dreading Mondays

For some people, Sunday nights are full of dread. Why? Cuz “tomorrow” is Monday, which means they have to go to their J – O – B or otherwise start their new work week. If you feel that way maybe this Cash Flow Diary podcast episode will help you get over that hump.

This episode isn’t meant just to help you through Mondays. The tactics you learn will help you every day. In fact, it’s something that can get you through all of your days in 15-minute increments. Once you learn how to manage your time and anxieties about those tasks you “don’t want to do” you can accomplish a whole lot more each and every day.

While you’re going to have to listen to this episode to get all the tactics, here’s one. Stop limiting yourself by telling yourself that “once you do X, Y or Z” you’ll start to reach your goal and feel successful. Start looking instead at ALL your successes that you achieve through your day. You do so by asking yourself 5 questions.

The magic isn’t found in the questions; it’s found in your doing the exercise!

If you want to achieve more and take action steps, if you want to gain clarity on your goals and control your thinking, this is the podcast episode for you! But the first thing you’re going to have to do is to listen to this episode to the very end. Learn more. LISTEN NOW.