CFD 271 – Steve Rohr Tells Us How to Untie Our Tongues and Free Ourselves from Fear

  • 3 years ago

In this 271st episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast, I get to talk to Steve Rohr, a guy who has a lot to say about, well, speaking. If you get tongue-tied in front of other people or would love to get up on stage in front of audiences… if only you could overcome your stage fright… this is the episode for you!

Steve co-authored the book SCARED SPEECHLESS, which lays out the path to how you can get past your fear of speaking. In this insightful episode of the podcast, Steve tells us that there are reasons for the fear, like the fear of being judged. (Because we all judge all day long, right?)

The fact is that when we’re sitting in an audience we are there to being entertained… not to judge. We are on the side of the speaker. So when you’re up in front of audiences large or small remember that the audience in on your side. No one is going to throw rotten vegetables.

In his book, Steve gives nine ways to help us over the speaking-in-public hump. He talks about why we have fear and why fear is actually a good thing. By dissecting the primitive brain he helps us understand that the part of the brain that triggers the fight or flight response doesn’t know the difference between running from a dinosaur and getting up on stage.

By the end of this episode you will have a new understanding of why you don’t have to be perfect during your presentations, why you want to be authentic and how to get through your time in the light. You will learn how to find your authentic voice, no matter where you are… on stage or off. Learn more. LISTEN NOW.