CFD 273 – Michael J. Maher Says Stop Chasing Prospects, Start Building Relationships and Watch Your Referrals Bloom!

Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Michael J. Maher is a true king of referrals. He’s learned the secrets to sales success… and it’s not chasing people down in parking lots. Before we get into that, let’s talk about Michael roots.

It’s not like Michael was born with a silver spoon in his mouth nor did he grow up just knowing how to be great at sales. Quite the contrary. He grew up impoverished in Kansas but in a loving family. Michael’s dad was a bus driver by day and a volunteer sports coach for kids three times over by night. Michael’s mom stayed at home with him and his four siblings.

As Michael watched his mother and father, he learned the importance of hard work and good ethics. He also learned that if someone asks you if they can help you with something you simply say YES.

Michael may have started out with zero dollars and a whole lot of drive to build his business, but he amassed millions of dollars and a fantastic reputation through doing business as a real estate professional in an ethical way that more of us should replicate. He says that there is a power behind generosity and that’s his “big secret” to success. (That and the power of saying yes.)

He also says that we have to accept compliments, which for whatever reason is hard for some of us. If someone compliments your shirt or shoes, just say thank you. It’s actually a gift back to them.

Further, if someone asks you if there is something they can do for you (because they like whatever you did for them or just because they want to do something for you), say yes… send me referrals!

Getting referrals is Michael’s super power. But he didn’t always know it. In fact, it wasn’t until he was being interviewed on Star Power where he was talking about what he did in real estate that what he had accomplished and his true abilities were mirrored back to him. The host called him “the most referred real estate agent,” which ended up making Michael’s phone blow up afterwards with calls and referrals.

At that point, Michael knew he was onto something great. He began speaking and teaching others to do what he knew how to do. He taught them to grow their business through a spirit of generosity and by asking for referrals.

If you’re sitting on the Struggle Bus right now wanting desperately to get off and have a better life, listen to this episode all the way to the end. It will inspire you! You’ll learn how to approach sales in a whole new and way more effective way. Learn more. LISTEN NOW.