CFD 275 – What’s Required to Be Successful In Business

You might have noticed that I’m really into livestreaming lately, and because it’s a great way to reach more people become bigger, badder, better real estate investors and entrepreneurs I’m going to keep doing it. For the most part you’ll see me live on Periscope. If you want to follow me there so you know when I’m going live (because the app sends you a quick alert right before I go live), go to

In this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast you’ll get to listen in on one of my first few Periscopes. The topic is value-driven business and how to be successful in business and entrepreneurship. You’ll also realize pretty quickly why I’m doing Periscopes. My reach immediately expanded. There are viewers from all over the globe. That’s pretty cool.

The long and short of it is that being in business for yourself is possible if you so decide. But you must make a shift in your mind first. You have to decide that you want to provide value of some shape or form. For me it’s real estate investing; for you it could be something else. But here’s the deal… if you have a passion for something, you aren’t serving your purpose unless you go for your dreams.

Life is not a video game, folks. It’s not like you get a bunch of do-overs. While failure with things you try will be a part of your success, stopping short of your goals isn’t going to do anything to change your life… and not taking steps in the first place isn’t going to do much either.

In this episode you will hear my story again, because I’m talking to a new audience and they don’t know me. If you notice, your story can become part of your message in business. It helps to humanize you and show people your WHY of doing what you do. You’ll also hear a lot of good information that you can use right now… today… if you choose to use it. That’s why I’m doing my podcast, livestreams and live events; that’s why my team and I continue to build great educational materials and opportunities… to share my information and motivate you to become the entrepreneur you want to be.

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