CFD 280 – You Will Never Out Earn Your Personal Growth

No matter what you want to do in life means you’re going to have to learn new skills to get there. That means you are going to stumble a bit moving forward as you gain new talents and skills.

The funny thing is that we all have an addiction to looking good. However, you cannot learn and look good at the same time. That includes doing real estate transactions.

It’s not that these transactions are difficult to do, but if you’ve never done one before you have a few new skills to learn. Then you get to add to your skills. Then you keep adding to your skill set until you don’t just know one way to do real estate investing but many. For example, getting properties under contract using all the cool creative acquisition strategies that are open to you to use!

The truth is that you should never stop learning new things. We’re not just talking about strategies; we’re talking about business and leadership skills, communication skills, marketing skills and every other thing you have to do as a business owner. And you will be growing a business as you learn new skills.

You may start out as the Lone Ranger, wearing all the hats, being responsible for everything and doing it all as a wholesaler (which means you buy properties at a discount and sell properties at a discount). But you won’t be able to continue on that path. You will have to build a team or teams (according to how many deals you start doing), and you will be a business owner. So you will keep learning. You will keep building your credibility. You will teach others. You will wash, rinse and repeat your process as you get to the success goals you set for yourself! This is what you learn in this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast. Learn more. Listen now.