CFD 284 – Mike Glauser Does Deals from a Bicycle Seat!!

  • 3 years ago

Today’s Cash Flow Diary podcast guest, Mike Glauser (a.k.a., the Main Street Entrepeneur) has done something not many entrepreneurs have. He bicycled across America talking to small business owners about what makes our country’s entrepreneurs tick! He visited 100 cities and learned a great deal.

But before he hit the road he went through the college track, earning his PhD in his 20s. In his first teaching position (in which he would be teaching business organizational skills) it hit him that 1) he was the youngest guy in the room, and 2) if he is to teach actual business owners and those who were there to learn how to take their businesses to the next level he should first obtain the experience of business ownership.

So he did.

Mike opened a business with his wife and it did amazingly well. Far more quickly than he imagined possible, their business became Very profitable. The next thing Mike knew, he had received a phone call by someone who wanted to buy the business.

Long story short, Mike wasn’t interested in selling, but then there was a negotiation that ended in an all-cash offer. It was a life-changing event. Now he could get back to the classroom and teach entrepreneurship differently. He would get out and talk to entrepreneurs in the field, somewhat like an entrepreneurial anthropologist.

The next step was to write books about his adventures. Mike has an unwavering passion about helping entrepreneurs launch companies. He does it today through The Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship. The cool thing is that Mike teaches from the trenches and not from only an academic knowledge base.

In this episode you will learn about the mindset shift you need to make to become an entrepreneur and how it isn’t for the “faint of heart.” One must have a passion for what they want to do starting a business. You’ll also learn why more people don’t become entrepreneurs. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more. Listen now.