CFD 285 – Micheal Parrish DuDell Swam with Sharks and Lived to Tell About It!

  • 3 years ago

Today’s Cash Flow Diary podcast guest, Michael Parrish DuDell, is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and someone who knows a whole lotta insider secrets to success. Talk about being excited to have someone on my podcast, well, that’s me! This guy is talking about one of my all-time favorite shows, Shark Tank. In fact, he wrote the two official companion books to the show, Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business and Shark Tank Secrets to Success. Oh, and BTW, the book is a bestseller. How cool is that?!

What you’ll learn listening to this episode is that Michael’s path to success was anything but straight from point A to point B. But then success rarely works that way, does it?

Starting at the age of 4 as an actor and working his way up to his 20s through various paths, Michael says he had to reinvent himself. That was when he was just 24.

One of the most interesting things Michael shares is that it takes a “diverse set of skills that are adjacent” to what we want to do. He says that while he may have started out as an actor and ended as a speaker and author, it takes similar skill sets. For example, communication.

Michael goes on to tell us that as an entrepreneur, it’s not just that you need to create the really cool widget… you have to be able to communicate your message and talk about what you’re doing and creating.

When talking about success, Michael says that there is a grand misperception. It’s not a “threshold” but rather something that happens over time as we develop our skills and work toward our stated goals. The more we work the more we have to keep learning and growing. In the end, the struggle happens when you tell yourself you no longer need to learn new things. (What are the most dangerous words? “I know that.”)

Michael is mighty motivational. This episode is worth your full attention. In fact, why not listen a few times and share it, too? And get the book that features all sorts of tremendous entrepreneurs, because you’ll learn about quick growth may not be so stellar after all. Learn more. Listen now.