CFD 286 – Stephan Aarstol Says Stop Working So Much!!

  • 3 years ago

What if you could actually earn more and work less? That’s what we’re discussing in today’s episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast. Author and guest Stephan Aarstol pitched his company on Shark Tank, my all-time favorite show, and built his business using a 5-hour work day model.

Known as being one of the worst pitches but one of the best-funded companies on Shark Tank, Stephan knows a lot about keeping your work week hours to a minimum to get more free time to pursue a better balance in our lives.

According to Stephan, as a country and culture we’re working more hours today and yet earning less, which is something he tells us we don’t have to do to attain the success we desire. But he didn’t always know the “secret” to being a 5-hour-work-day guy he is now.

Early on, he learned Internet marketing in the medical imaging space. It was a start-up that was going great guns until the bubble burst and he had to change paths. The entrepreneurial bug bit him hard. So while working his day job, he started his own business on the side that would create and sell really good-looking poker chips ( It took him about a year to quit his day job… when it was earning him about $50K a month in sales. When it plateaued, he entered a paddleboard business as the founder of Tower Paddle Boards. His company is now the fastest-growing company in his city.

Over time Stephan became known as an Internet “guru.” As a knowledge worker, Stephan says he will never stop learning and he likes his work, so it will be a long time before he actually retires.

If you want to learn why Stephan started using a 5-hour work day, you’re going to have to listen to this episode. It has to do with employee recruitment and retention, so it’s worth your time to lend it your ear!! Learn more. Listen now.