CFD 289 – Phil Ebiner Learned Lessons Early and Earns More Income in One Month than Most Do in a Year!

  • 3 years ago

Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Phil Ebiner went through an excellent but costly private university and even though he had partial scholarships he graduated with tons of debt. He said he didn’t have the income to make full payments sometimes, so he was disappointed with that part of his college experience. Before he graduated he was fortunate to be working with others to create online courses for the school. When he got out of school he discovered he could do the same by creating online courses of his own through

So what did he teach? He knew video, film and television production, and worked in a low-paying job as a video editor, so he figured he would start with that. Phil says that after the first month of offering online education he was stoked because he earned $62! He was hooked. He was on the way to building his online empire. To date, around 150,000 people have taken his education.

Phil is no stranger to hard work. He didn’t just work a full-time job, but also took side gigs as a wedding videographer and shooting videos for different people and companies. But here’s the deal. Phil said it made him sick thinking of his debt and he didn’t really like the 9-to-5 thing. He had to do something to get out of it, so had plenty of motivation to do really well in his online education goals.

The great news is that he didn’t just do well, he’s done really, really well… earning more in a month than some people earn in a year. In this podcast episode you will learn about Phil’s path and may start thinking there’s something you have to teach others online. It’s a good idea to check out the tools and strategies that Phil lays out for us in this episode. (You will hear that trying something new has less to do with your skills and if you know what you’re doing, but rather that you have the willingness to do this new thing.) Learn more. Listen now.