CFD 291 – [REPLAY 199] Why Haven’t I Made It YET?

I hear the question frequently. People I meet who’ve been studying real estate investing for a few months or maybe even a couple of years will come to me and ask, “Why haven’t I made it yet? I’m trying to do deals and I can’t get them done. When will it happen for me?” If this is a burning question on your mind, today’s podcast episode is for you!

Yep, it’s just you and me today… no guest. It’s time to recap the reasons I do what I do. The biggest reason Cash Flow Diary exists is so I could leave a road map behind for my kids, just in case they’d like to know what good ‘ol Dad has done. Plus, they could follow in my path if they want. But just like other things we do in life, this path took a new course. A friend told me that maybe I should consider doing even more, because there are a number of adults who might be interested to learn real estate investing so they can change their own life’s path.

Click forward almost 200 episodes of this Cash Flow Diary podcast and I know what my friend said is true. Today we have way more than the podcast. My team and I have created an educational series, I have a weekly Q & A web show for members of the Cashflow Core Membership. We have created e-books and so much material that some days it overwhelms even me. And we keep creating new video content. Even so, I still have a long way to go; Cash Flow Diary has more good stuff to come. That’s what I’m really talking about in this episode. Stick with me till the end of it, because I promise what I have to say will help you grow your business and keep you focused on your goals, too.

I start with some interesting entrepreneurial success stories, some of which you have probably heard and some you haven’t. What do they all have in common? They had amazing failure events, were fired from jobs, were told they didn’t have what it takes to achieve in their industries, they were labeled as having trouble focusing and staying on track and they each faced different challenges in business and life that might make some people cringe, roll up in a ball and quit.

Here’s the deal… successful entrepreneurs have to keep trying, keep adding to their skill sets, keep doing. They don’t just get successes handed to them. They overcome challenges and they don’t listen to the negative people in their lives or the negative self-talk that goes on in their heads.

So how do you get there? First, listen to this podcast episode and learn the eight steps in the process… and then the five things you need. This is something I continue to practice myself, so I’m not telling you to do things I don’t do. The process is ongoing. And here’s a suggestion… take a few notes. Post the eight steps on your wall to keep yourself motivated. Learn more.