CFD 293 – Zbigniew Woznowski Doesn’t Play Games When It Comes To Business!!

Today’s Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Zbigniew Woznowski knows a lot about playing games, but he’s all business when it comes to, well, building his business. Make that plural… businesses.

Not only a creative gamer, Zbigniew knows a whole lot about real estate investing. He married his passions and founded Reality Games in October 2014. He also launched a cool mobile game in January 2015 called Landlord.

If that’s not enough, Zbigniew is Programming Director of Promotion of Poland 2020 of The Kosciuszko Institute with more than 12 years of online advertising experience and over 10 years of real estate experience.

Before this, Zbigniew founded and exited a few other companies, such as Second Poland and Supremum 360: Digital Outsourcing & Advertising Service. He’s been a busy guy!

Zbigniew has lived through different cycles in real estate. He had a few failure events and he kept going. He reinvented himself a couple of times and decided to come back into business, matching his old experiences with the new way people are doing things, which is via mobile apps.

This guest’s path is a little different than most. If you love games and apps, you will want to give this episode a listen. If you love real estate investing and the idea of earning a great income from building a portfolio of cashflowing properties, you will want to listen to this episode and check out Zbigniew’s games!! Learn more. Listen now.