CFD 294 – Kathy Fettke Knows How to Make an Entrepreneurial Business Act Right!

  • 3 years ago

CEO and founder of the Real Wealth Network, guest Kathy Fettke is no stranger to media exposure. She has been featured in a number of recognized magazines. Plus, Goldman Sachs recognized her and her company two years running as a mover and driver in the entrepreneurial world.

Kathy says she thinks she has been recognized because her company has done a lot to help homeowners in crisis by giving them solutions to their problems.

So, who is Kathy Fettke? Simply a woman who wanted to be an actress and who was forced to take a hard look at what was going in that industry. She didn’t like how people were being taken advantage of, so she founded her own acting and modeling agency. Soon she experienced success and living her dream life.

She was also a news writer and occasional anchor, but she made a choice to leave it all when she had kids. Kathy wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Her husband had written a book about success and was being billed as the next Tony Robbins. Life was great… until something tragic happened. Her husband was diagnosed with a fast-moving cancer.

Kathy’s husband was given six months to live; she decided to be the breadwinner through her radio show. But she also wanted to continue to stay at home with her kids. The good news is that worked; the better news is that her husband’s doctor was wrong and he is alive and well. In fact, he is Kathy’s partner in business.

Today Kathy applies all her entrepreneurial wealth-building expertise to real estate. She gives people a way to maintain their nest egg while they invest in real estate. One strategy is to take a high-dollar rental property that’s paid off and may even be producing some cashflow each month, and then sell it to turn it into more properties elsewhere and create 4X the cashflow!

Kathy is not a traditional buy-n-holder. She might be classified as a short-term buy-n-hold person. You’ll have to listen to this episode of Cash Flow Diary to fully understand this definition. In fact, you’ll want to listen to this episode for lots of reasons. There are so many great bites of information and wealth-building tips that you will want to take copious notes. Learn more. Listen now.