CFD 295 – [REPLAY 140] Take a PEEK Behind the Cash Flow Diary Curtain

Over the past few years we've been growing and creating great educational products, free and paid. If content is king, Cash Flow Diary is the absolute empire of Real Estate Investing education, because we have more video content than anyone we know of in this space. Our written content isn't far behind. Now it's time that we let you pull back the curtain and look inside. Think of yourself as Dorothy about to get her first glimpse of the Great and Powerful OZ! There's a lot going on back there. And it's worth sharing. But maybe you don't need to see the inner workings to understand how valuable the content we offer really is.

If you are a regular listener of this podcast, you already know what you gain in the audio content. If you have ever browsed our site, you see lots of free information for the taking. If you are a member of the Cashflow CORE Membership, you don't need anyone to tell you about the massive amount of content, video training, video courses, tools and forms you get with membership. It's a gold mine of opportunity. In fact, did you know we have more than 200 hours of video content? And as we add to it, all the newest training content we create becomes immediately available to members. It's pretty exciting for us to be able to share so much. We want to teach as many people who are willing to take the time to learn. Then go out and earn! As a member you also get to network with some pretty cool real-life investors at all levels.

That's in a PRIVATE Facebook group. Deals are done right there! Checks are displayed, questions are answered, support is provided. If you've ever wondered how to do wholesale deals, get your hands on tax lien properties, learn how to buy and hold properties to earn ongoing cashflow via rents, invest in multi-family properties and commercial properties, host the ultimate Cashflow game, and get all the cool tools (like J.'s own P.A.Q. that you could explain on a napkin) and forms you need as an investor and learn exactly how to use them, it's all in the member area. We used to charge individually for many of the benefits and courses you find in the member area, but it's a new year and time for a new way of thinking. In this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast, you get a peek behind the scenes of our weekly Q & A with J, which has been running for the last year every Tuesday at 4 p.m., PST, and was until today available to everyone free of charge. As of tomorrow — Tuesday, February 2, 2015 — this popular weekly web show, where J. Massey answers attendees' questions about Real Estate Investing, their deals and their issues in business will only be available to Cashflow CORE Members.

If you have never been in the room for one of these unique LIVE Q & A events, you're missing out on a chance to ask absolutely anything and get your answers in real time. While past episodes will remain archived on YouTube and in the members area for 24/7 access, the only way to see any new Q & A with J. LIVE is to be a member. Those won't be found on YouTube. If what you hear in today's podcast episode of the behind-the-scenes look at the LIVE Q & A with J. show interests you, there's only one thing to do. Become a Cashflow CORE Member. Until then, grab a pen, sit back and get ready to take notes as J. rips deals apart for viewers and shares strategies for success. Listen to how he helps them determine if their deals are go or no-go! LISTEN NOW