CFD 299 – Mark Rampolla Tells Us to Build Something Great by Going Somewhere No One Else Will!!

  • 3 years ago

Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Mark Rampolla is the man behind Zico Coconut Water. I’m talking about the highly popular coconut water beverage my family knows and loves!! Mark wrote a book that has to do with his journey, too. It’s titled High Hanging Fruit and it’s a recommended read.

Mark wasn’t always the trend-setting entrepreneur he is today. BUT what drove him toward starting his own business is that he was never quite like his peers. He wasn’t into the trends, but he watched them with interest.

He also knew how to set goals. So before he chose the product he wanted to launch he needed something that would scale. He wanted something healthy and that would make people’s lives better if they took it into their bodies. After lots of research and because he happens to love coconut water, Mark and his wife decided that’s what his road to wealth and success would be.

This success didn’t happen overnight. But then when does that ever happen in real life? He put in 9 years of hard work up front as he grew his brand. Everyone in his little company worked toward his mission. (It’s always about more than just the possible money we can make, right?)

The great news is that Mark’s little company isn’t little any longer. Because of Mark’s dedication and beliefs about the benefits of his products, he attracted excellent talent to the company, which made growth happen naturally.

Mark’s story is very unique… and I don’t use that word often. This guy’s energy is contagious. He has a great amount of wisdom that he shares about building a business of YOUR dreams, and if this interview doesn’t motivate you to move further toward your goals, well, I don’t know what to say. Listen in particular to what Mark has to say about “going where others don’t want to go” to get to the success he now enjoys. Learn more. Listen now.