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CFD 305 [REPLAY 122] – Failing is Necessary to SUCCESS! Learn to Do it Well

If there is one thing that you should be learning from listening to the Cash Flow Diary podcast, it's that failing is a part of success. You cannot avoid failure events. It's how you handle them that matters. In this episode you get a little insight into some of the small failure events that occurred at our recent Black Friday live-streamed Cashflow 101 board game event. Things didn't go as smoothly as we intended, but it's okay. The game happened, we had a great time, people as far away as Barcelona were watching us and learning how to run games better, and we received excellent questions from viewers and players in the room. We learned from all the little things that didn't go well or as well as they could have. Awesome! We didn't just pack it in, take our ball and go home. We managed the technical issues and moved forward anyway. Apply this insight to what you're doing as a Real Estate Investor. If you talk to 10 people and still don't have a YES from a seller, buyer or investor, don't stop and tell yourself “it” isn't working. Keep going. Take from those experiences and see what you can learn from them. Dissect the experiences. Define your process. Redefine the process. Get better at what you're doing. Study the Four Levels of Learning. Even if you've watched our video on that topic before, go back and watch it again. Your goal is to become Consciously Competent! That's the fourth level. For now, listen to this episode and learn why getting comfortable with failing forward and failing often is okay. Listen Now

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