CFD 307 – Gary Beasley Says Angels Like Entrepreneurs!

So, is there a way out of the 9-to-5? Um, yes. That’s what you’ll learn in this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast from guest Gary Beasley, who took his own experience in real estate to create his own entrepreneurial thing. You’re sure to get answers to your burning questions about jumping into the real estate investing pool.

As you might have guessed, Gary wasn’t always the real estate entrepreneur he is today who started, which is something that allows a whole lot more people to participate in real estate investing than ever before. In Gary’s words, he’s proud to have been a part of building a very disruptive company and makes money for the investors and the employees! But he says another thing that gets him excited about Roofstock is the psychic rewards he receives from knowing he is a part of this brainchild. Gary loves what he’s doing!

Coming from a small town in Indiana, he grew up in a traditional, hard-working family where he learned the value of working toward goals. Gary said he feels fortunate not to have grown up with money, because he’s known a number of people who came from money and lacked the motivation to get out there in the real world and do anything special. Gary says that early on he knew the path he didn’t want to take was one that would force him into clipping coupons and working in a company Monday through Friday.

Gary says that you don’t need your own money to get started as an entrepreneur. While you can’t start a company that requires a lot of capital to get it going, if you have a great idea and a well-thought-out business plan, you can capture the interested of angel investors. In fact, in his experience, investors often like the “scrappy entrepreneur” who will work really hard to make the dream become a successful, income-producing reality.

You’ll learn a lot about courage, drive, motivation and what makes an entrepreneur great in this episode. Listen to Gary’s story and how he describes his personal journey to success, what he didn’t like about being in a business vs. helping others start businesses and creating real wealth, and why he changed his path to becoming the entrepreneur he is today. LISTEN NOW.