CFD 309 [REPLAY 123] – Marketing: Another Necessary Skill Every Entrepreneur Needs to Develop!

In the last episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast the focus was on learning to fail forward and fail frequently because it happens to be necessary to your success as an entrepreneur. In this episode the focus is on another necessary skill you must develop to be a successful entrepreneur and investor. It’s marketing! With the New Year fast approaching, marketing is a subject you need to put your mind to and get ready to follow through with your marketing plan in a big way. It’s a sure bet that if you don’t pay much attention to your marketing strategies… or if you don’t have any strategies in place… you could be doing a whole lot better in your business. This is especially true in Real Estate Investing. Marketing is far more than the definitions you find in any dictionary online or off. What marketing really means is getting out into the world to let people know you exist and that you can solve their problems! In Real Estate, investors often think because they have a deal or two that’s all they need. Not so! You have to build, maintain and grow your database of sellers, buyers and other investors. You have to get out there and actually talk to people. You have to share with others your vision in a few short sentences. You need to develop a clearly stated elevator pitch and use it with the right targets. You have to use the online tools that are available to you right now to help you spread your message. Many are free! You have to attend networking meetings and talk to more people in everyday life. If you fall short in your marketing and promotions efforts, you’re not alone. It is one of the top failings that entrepreneurs and business owners share in common. Marketing is a process and it’s something you must learn to do well in your business. It is something you will always have to do. You’ll come to understand that perfection probably won’t ever be achieved. Imperfect action .is better than perfect inaction! Learn some of the things you can do to promote what you do better and market your business now and into the future.