CFD 311 – Chuck Dixon Draws Entrepreneurship Out for Us in Exciting, Graphic New Ways!

If you don’t know who Chuck Dixon is, that’s okay. You probably know a few of the superheroes he’s helped bring to life. Chuck has written for DC Comics and Marvel, and now works for some of the most well-known and beloved animated television shows on the planet. When asked how he got into this field, Chuck says he never had any other talents than writing for comics, so he stuck with that path and it paid off big time.

Interestingly, he watched other writers and artists who wanted to do their own work but who took day jobs as writers and artists… and had zero energy left at the end of the day to do their own work. So Chuck took a job as a janitor, so he had plenty of creative energy at the end of his work day. He could focus on his own artistic endeavors any time he wanted. Plus, he didn’t have a college degree so he was at the lower end of the job food chain.

He said his role model was Black Beard… yes, the pirate, because he burned his own boats to cut off any other path than forward. Whenever friends and family would ask Chuck what he was doing, he’d simply tell him he was Black Beard. There was no other option.

So what brought him to the realization that writing comic books was his thing? Chuck says he was into comic books as a child, because he was always reading them. He was a sickly kid, so it makes sense. He also says he always thought in comic-book form. He sees the images in his mind. So he started trying his hand at comics. Over time he got better and better with the character development and story lines.

Chuck says the story lines are actually based on the classics all the way back to antiquity. In his opinion the development is based on male wish fulfillment and their “I’ll fix it” mentality. That goes for the stories around the female characters, too. It is and always has been a problem-solution sort of thing. However, female readers want more than characters go 20 pages beating up on each other; they want more story and more of an inner view to the characters’ thinking and motivations.

In this incredibly different type of Cash Flow Diary podcast interview, you’ll learn a lot about how we as entrepreneurs can create the lives we want… just like the superheroes this guests speaks for. There’s a whole lot of psychology included in this one. Give this episode your attention in a whole new way. Chuck has some amazing insights into the iconic characters we find in comic books and on movie screens across the globe. Plus, Chuck writes for graphic novels and other pieces for all sorts of companies, including the Navy! Learn more. LISTEN NOW.