CFD 313 – MC Laubschier Tells Us How to Kick the Ball Down the Field to Reach Your Goals of Financial Freedom and True Wealth

  • 3 years ago

Originally from South Africa, Valhalla Wealth Financial’s president MC Laubschier didn’t start out as the asset-management and wealth strategist he is today. What you’ll learn if you read his book is that he started out as a rugby player. He didn’t come from entrepreneurial roots; he also wasn’t a natural sales guy. But he knew that if he wanted to enter the world of entrepreneurs and real estate, which is something he found a great passion for, he would have to build his sales skills.

The good news is that MC realized he could develop those skills, so he started studying leaders in sales and entrepreneurship. He also realized he could build a team that would help him, especially in the sales side. With that came a realization that we are all selling something every day of our lives. You’ll have to listen to this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast to understand this fully. That said, it’s something I’m in total agreement about with this guest, which you already know if you have been keeping up with me for any period of time!

That’s not the only thing that MC and I agree on, especially when it comes to sales and the illusion of security that we have as a worker in a daily J – O – B. Once you understand just how precarious your position is you might be more open to getting out there to become an entrepreneur yourself.

MC says that one thing you need to learn is how to get beyond the NO. In sales people are going to say NO to you a lot… before they say YES. Getting to the YES is a whole lot of fun though, so don’t cheat yourself out of the experience. Put your fears aside, pick the phone up and make those calls you’ve been putting off.

Wise words! Again, I couldn’t agree more, which makes this one of those interviews that I really, really enjoyed doing. You’re going to want to listen to this one, because we cover way more than sales. We discuss things you should be doing to move yourself forward in working toward your goals, like how and who you might want to study thoroughly. You’ll also hear about why you need to be a true lifetime learner who can put what we’ve already learned aside to bring new knowledge into our brains. After all, we’re living in the information age and everything is always changing and evolving. Learn more. LISTEN NOW.