CFD 315 – Josh Cantwell Tells Us Not to Settle for the Ordinary Life

  • 3 years ago

What does Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Josh Cantwell, real estate investing business superstar, and Superman have in common? They were both hail from Ohio. That’s right… Superman was born of the minds of a couple of very creative individuals in Ohio; Josh’s entrepreneurial mindset was formed by watching his entrepreneurial father in Ohio… a place Josh continues to call home even today.

Though CEO of Strategic Real Estate Coach, Freeland Ventures and Yellow Jacket Properties, Josh is the Josh wasn’t always the phenomenal real estate entrepreneur he is today. In fact, he started out playing ball in his teens. But instead of a chasing a dream life in sports, Josh went another direction. He attended college and then became a financial advisor. The one thing he saw in each and every one of the top-earning clients he worked with is that they all owned real estate. A light went off, and he decided at a very young age to buy real estate and become a landlord. This ended up being one of his best decisions ever; it put him on the path to true success and an impressive income.

Josh says that while he didn’t know everything about doing real estate deals, but he was willing to learn and willing to fail. He adds that he made plenty of mistakes and had failure events; he says that learning means we’re going to get scars.

Talking about scars, that’s something Josh knows about… not just in his learning experience. He is a cancer survivor and has the physical scars to show for it. Josh says that during that time, he had three very young kids and a real estate business that was coming unwound because he had not leveraged the talents of other people to help him run things.

Josh says that cancer changed the way he looked at his life, his business, how he handles tasks and so much more, so he looks at it as somewhat of a gift. In short, he learned that the here and now are more important than any business to-do list filled with items that may never get done. The fact is that there will always be a to-do list.

This is a bit of a different type of interview and you need to listen. When you do, really think about what Josh shares, especially about managing fears around, well, anything. In fact, listen to what he says about enjoying the pain! Learn more. LISTEN NOW.