CFD 318 – Kathleen Peddicord Tells Us to Write Our Own Story of Success No Matter Where We Live

You wonder how the heck can you stop working your day job? This is a great episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast to listen to, because guest Kathleen Peddicord could be considered the foremost authority on ways to get to that goal!

Kathleen is the founder and publisher of Live and Invest Overseas, and boy… has she ever traveled. This impressive woman has lived abroad for decades. But did she ever plan the life she lives now? Not by a long shot. In fact, she says it was accidental.

While Kathleen always thought it would be neat to live in another country and had a love for castles and such, she didn’t know how she would get there. As a writer she had a very romantic idea of what that life might be like. Then something happened that allowed her to ride on the coattails of one of her bosses and mentors. She took a job that allowed her to travel and then got the opportunity to open and run a publishing business in Ireland.

From there, Kathleen was on her way to living her dream, living and working abroad in different countries. That’s something pretty cool for a small town girl from Baltimore with big dreams of becoming a writer, a dream she had since 6th grade. Kathleen started in Baltimore in publishing, starting as a proofreader, then editor and finally becoming a writer. That opened a lot of doors for her.

So how did Kathleen make the leap from writer to world-traveling entrepreneur? After 23 years working for one publishing company, he decided to retire. She didn’t need to work; she had saved money; her husband worked and brought in an income. That was when she was 45. Kathleen would be a full-time stay-at-home mom. At that time she was in Paris.

Kathleen says if you’re going to do nothing, Paris is a perfect place to do it, because she was able to take 6-hour walks with her young son and on her own. She was happy, but one day at 2 o’clock while she was sitting in a park she saw a friend who asked her what the heck she was doing. That’s the AHA! moment that made her realize she needed to start a business. She walked home and talked to her husband. They decided that to make her new business a reality that they would have to move out of Paris. They chose Panama. To get the backstory on that part, you’re going to have to listen to this episode of Cash Flow Diary. The short story is that Panama is an excellent place for North Americans to start a business! Learn more. LISTEN NOW.