CFD 319 – Mat Sorensen Reveals a “Hidden” Private Capital Source You Need to Know About NOW.

Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Attorney Mat Sorensen is the guy that I was fortunate to meet and work with a few years ago. He is also the person who first introduced me to the idea of using SDIRAs, which happens to be the “most investable section of cash” available to you as a real estate entrepreneur in the world. Mat would know; he’s an author who wrote the book on SDIRA rules. He’s also a speaker, trainer, radio show host and all-around great guy!

So, what does “SDIRA” mean? Simply it means “Self-Directed IRA” and as such it means the monies in that type of account can be used to invest in properties… like YOUR properties. And it’s not all that tough to rollover or transfer monies from a traditional IRA into one that is self-directed. You can’t do it, but there are companies that specialize in that sort of thing. You need a custodian for the self-directed account. Guess what Mat helps people do?

Mat is one of people who can help people open SDIRAs, because that’s one of the things his firm advises clients to do. In fact, Mat has advised thousands of clients with self-directed retirement plan investments, because he is one of the go-to experts on the topic in the country.

Today, Mat has established IRA/LLCs, partnerships, private offerings, corporations, and other investment structures with self-directed IRAs and 401(k)s. In addition to account owners, over the years his clients have included trust companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, hedge funds, investment sponsors, and third party administrators.

If you meet people who have self-directed IRAs, those people can invest in your deals. It pays to find out what type of retirement accounts those people you meet happen to have. And if they have a more traditional IRA or retirement account, you can help them move it to being a self-directed account… if you know who to send them to. Mat is a trusted source, because he is someone I can personally attest to that really knows his stuff.

Stick with this episode and you’ll learn that people might be calling your IRA “self-directed” when it absolutely is not. You’ll also learn what a truly self-directed IRA is and what it can do… which is invest in real estate. There are rules, however, and you need to follow them by the letter of the law. You aren’t the one investing; your IRA is.

This is a very educational episode, so make sure you keep a notepad next to you if you can as you listen. Mat does his best at using layman’s terms to explain the complicated stuff he does. Learn more. LISTEN NOW.