CFD 322 – Gary Hoover Tells Us How Great Businesses Become So… Well, Great

Ever been inside a Barnes & Noble? Today’s Cash Flow Diary podcast guest gave them the little kickstart that the giant book retailer needed. And what about Hoover’s? Not the vacuum cleaner, but the company that all good salespeople used back in the day. That’s also something that today’s guest was behind. So who is this amazing guest? None other than Gary Hoover, author, speaker, business leader extraordinaire, lifetime learner, book lover with a massive library of more than 50,000 books, educator of entrepreneurs and people of all ages, and master of retail operations!! Whew… that was a mouthful, and that doesn’t even touch everything Gary has done in his life nor continues to do.

Gary’s path was a bit unexpected for his family and peers, because he started out in a General Motors manufacturing town. Or maybe that’s what put him on his path to success, because he always wondered how the heck the decision-makers made their decisions. He asked his teachers, his family and other people in town, and no one seemed to know. Then he spotted Fortune magazine on a newsstand and his fate was sealed. In 7th grade he had his own subscription to that magazine!

What Gary always found interesting about big, successful businesses is their leadership characteristics and how all the various decisions are made. But his curiosity doesn’t stop there… nor do his actions. Today, Gary helps small businesses and students learn how to make a great entrepreneurial business work really well.

Gary believes in “case studies,” otherwise known as all the business magazines available to us today. He says we can all learn a lot by reading biographies of successful individuals of the world. You’ll learn that most start out as average human beings and flaws and weaknesses; they also have tremendous drive and don’t give up easily if at all.

If you want an interesting new look at education, politics, what needs to change in our world and how to do amazing things with your new business idea, this is the episode for you. Learn more. LISTEN NOW.

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