CFD 326 – Cody Farmer Tells Us How to Get Our Energy Costs Close to Net Zero!

You want to know how to improve the value of your properties and control a bit more of your expenses? Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Cody Farmer shares a pretty cool way. He knows how to get us close to net zero in expenses when it comes to energy use in your properties.

Cody started looking for ways to reduce energy costs and found a way to heat a whole house with the equivalent of the energy it takes to run a hair dryer! So what is it? Before we get there, let’s learn more about Cody Farmer.

Today Cody is a Building Scientist, but he started out being born into a farm community. That helped him develop a passion for wildlife and the earth… and protecting these things. The more learned about nature and how we’re negatively impacting our environment the more he wanted to do something about it.

Cody watched his parents put solar panels on their family home and he saw other people doing it, too. But then he watched the construction industry move away from using “green” technologies. So Cody started studying the best “green” and environmentally friendly, healthier building materials.

Now Cody offers ways to create truly energy-efficient housing … whether that’s a house, apartment building or any other type of building. What his crew does seals off all air leaks in and out. There’s a lot of science behind what Cody does to bring energy costs as close to net zero possible.

For this one you’ll want to listen to every word. Cody has a way to show you how to save money and what your returns will be… and about how long it will take for you to get to a break-even point. He forecasts with the best of them! Learn more. LISTEN NOW.