CFD 327 – Casey Zeman Shows Us How To Build Audiences Faster Than Ever Before!

  • 3 years ago

Ever wondered how to get in front of your customers and clients so you can bump up your sales? Well, wait no more. Today’s Cash Flow Diary podcast guest Casey Zeman is the absolute king of online marketing and messaging. He chooses to deliver his message online through video. But then this isn’t his first time to the rodeo. He embraced online technologies, especially video, early on to drive customers to his mortgage business.

However, just like all great superheroes, Casey wasn’t always the online technology consultant to big-name companies who built a strong 7-figure business that he is today. According to Casey, he had completely different goals. In his 20s he was aiming to be an actor, but something dawned on him. He didn’t like being broke.

Casey decided to be himself vs. trying to be this person other people wanted him to be. He became a mortgage broker. Yes, quite a change. But he was no longer broke; he was doing well… out of a friend’s garage! But life would take another interesting turn. Casey went through the great mortgage recession, which took him from earning $250K a year to about $15K a year. What an eye-opener!!

So what would Casey do? He hated sales, but he knew he’d need to bring leads to his business, whatever that would be. Casey began researching. Over time he tapped into learning more about online marketing and lead generation through using technology tools.

Long story short, he learned how to use YouTube as a master traffic source and audience-engagement tool. The fun part is that his acting skills would come in handy! If you’ve ever watched his videos, you already know what I mean. Let’s just say they are very, very engaging!!

Casey honed his YouTube and online marketing skills and started training big companies how to do what he had learned. He created a pretty cool online course, too, and he was well on his way to new success. (If you haven’t read the recent article on this site about building assets, now might be a good time.)

What Casey learned through doing videos is how to tap into other people’s emotional responses and desires to make change in their lives. He says he finds tremendous happiness in helping others find their voice, their path and their success through using his online marketing technologies.

The funny thing is that we here at Cash Flow Diary use some of Casey’s products, including Easy Webinar and FullScope. For example, you might not be able to listen to this podcast if not for Casey’s products! You will have to listen to this very interesting podcast to hear all the ways Casey creates wealth and success every day… right from the comfort of his own garage!! Learn more. LISTEN NOW.