CFD 330 – Michael Brooks Tells Us Why He’d Rather Be Robin Than Batman and Why Global Workers are the Real Superheroes

If there is anything Michael Brooks can give you advice about, it would be successful digital investment. With 15 years of experience in eCommerce, he has made it his mission to help others by finding new strategic business solutions through digital marketing and electronic payments. Now the founder of GoLance and Response CRM, Brooks is a strong believer in harmony, teamwork, loyalty, and partnership. Brooks has also published two books focused on digital currency, and is both an avid history buff and world traveler.

Why is this important? Because I get the emails and phone calls all the time from people asking how on earth they can build their teams! Truth is that you can find great teammates a lot faster and easier than you think. We have a global economy and you have a whole globe full of talented people you might use on your team.

I’ve talked about building teams before… lots of times. And I know it can be a confusing topic. Here’s the deal. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your teammate princes and princesses. I’m fortunate. My teams absolutely rock. But that didn’t happen overnight. And I didn’t know much about finding talent online.

That’s where Michael’s businesses come in handy, especially He says there are more reasons to build your team and business. It can’t be only about making money. It has to be about your purpose. What’s yours?

Because we speak in superhero terms in this unique episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast, this interview was extra-fun for me. Seriously, we talk about villains and heroes. Michael even tells us why he’d rather be Robin than Batman!

As for Michael, he’s a digital payments superhero with such great information it’s gonna feel like you just got whisked away into the sky and away from the pain of dealing with all you’re dealing with right now as you make your way through a sea of team member candidates. Learn more. LISTEN NOW.