CFD 332 – John Pollock Talks about Keeping Your Hard-Earned Money and How to Earn $1000 Right Now with Your Own House!

As the CEO of Financial Gravity, Cash Flow Diary podcast guest John Pollock has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find legal, moral and ethical ways to lower their tax, raise profit and create wealth. Why? Because that’s how they can finally start living their own version of the American Dream – a key reason Financial Gravity was started in the first place.

Of course… and as you might guess… John wasn’t always the helpful CEO and tax expert he is today. But he did find his superpower early on… and then had to find the confidence to run with it!

John started out as a sales person with a moral compass. He took the corporate path even without earning a college degree. That’s right!! No degree and yet he educated himself, calling himself a constant student. He’s also “unemployable,” which is something he learned after losing a few jobs in a row. So he decided to start his own business selling insurance… specifically annuities… but didn’t like it because he realized that once a customer bought his “product” they wouldn’t need anything new from him again for 20 years.

One day, after sitting down to look at the checks he was earning and realizing he wasn’t earning much when he was taking a whole bunch of risk, he knew he’d have to change his path, which is something you’re going to want to do, too… by learning new things. He started his journey by seeking the door for the super wealthy, learning that there isn’t one. But there is a tax code… and it’s for everyone. (But a lot of the super-wealthy use to keep their money instead of giving it to the IRS.)

If you want to learn how to use the tax code to your benefit, you need to listen to this episode of Cash Flow Diary!! John makes tax info pretty fun to hear. You’re gonna love what he has to say!! Learn more. LISTEN NOW.