CFD 339 [REPLAY 276] – How to Set Up Your Week for Maximum Productivity

Have you ever struggled to get everything done in the 100+ hours you have each week? If you want to CRUSH IT as a productive person, no matter what you are doing in your business and life, listen to this episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast! It is taken from a recent Periscope session I did, which is something I’m doing a lot of lately. (Cuz it is that awesome!)

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So what’s it take to be more productive? First, you need to set goals and structure a plan to get there. You back into your plan. For example, let’s say you want to raise $25,000 this week. What steps are you going to take to do that capital raise? What assets do you have that you can use that will help you?

By that I mean… do you have a podcast? Do you Scope? Do you have an eBook, checklist, or other thing you can sell right now that you own and control to raise that money? The long and short of it is that you should be using your time to create assets that you don’t just sell but that you can also use to show other people that you are the local expert in what you are doing… let’s just in real estate investing.

Now, let’s just say you need $25K and you have a couple of assets already. Let’s say you have a product that sells for $1000. How many units do you need to sell this week to get to your goal? You have to devote the time to marketing that asset. With today’s at-our-fingertips technologies, that part’s a whole lot easier than it ever has been.

Here’s the deal… we all have the same amount of time each and every day. We all have different schedules, but we can all find the time to devote to creating new assets. I’m not just talking about assets you can sell, like an eBook, but also building your real estate portfolio. It all boils down to finding the time to do those things you say you want to do. (I promise it will take lots of late nights and burning the midnight oil at first, but the outcome is way worth it.)

In this episode I talk about structuring your plan in a way that will make sure you get to your goals every week. Like how many people you need to talk to in order to set 20 appointments this week… which is particularly crucial if your goal is to raise capital for your real estate deals. You’ll learn WHY you want to set appointments and what you’re going to talk to them about. You’ll also learn the importance of backing into your plan.

This is a golden learning opportunity. While the main focus is on productivity boosters I also answer a whole bunch of questions on different topics inside and outside real estate. Don’t miss it. Learn more. Listen now.