CFD 340 [REPLAY 274] – How I Did My First 117 Units of Property and Beyond

In this short Cash Flow diary podcast episode I talk about a few of the basics, like how I did my first deals (because I get the question all the time), how to raise capital and how to generate leads. What you’ll learn is to do things in a certain sequence, which will help get others to enroll in your process. It’s like planting your lands in preparation for a harvest. You have to plow the land, prepare the soil, seed it, do a few more things to keep cultivating and nurturing your crops… and finally get to the harvest. (In real estate transactions, the close of the deal is your harvest.)

In this episode you will learn about the importance of conducting the III interview (triple “I”) with everyone you want to work with. That’s because you want your buyers, investors and sellers to be in total alignment with your goals, mission and vision. If they don’t fit you can’t force them to fit. If you do, you’ll be sorry at some point down the road.

You’ll also learn how to generate leads wherever you go. Whether that’s at Starbucks or the mall or in line at the grocery store. Again, it’s like planting seeds. You don’t just plant in one spot. You spread them around so you get a big, healthy crop.

If you want a better look at generating leads in the real world, you need to check out our Lead Machine Video Course. If you do, you can actually begin generating leads minutes after taking the course! It happens all the time. (It gives you all my offline lead-generation strategies I used when I was starting out as an investor and strategies I use even today!)

You will want to take notes as you listen to this episode. It is taken from a recent Periscope session I did on lead generation. We are archiving these videos in our member area, so if you are a Cashflow Core Member you can go watch it and take screen shots of the graphics I drew in this one! (BTW, you’ll hear my kids in the background. They have taken the role of my official “heart monitors” because we’re trying to reach a million hearts on Periscope by the end of the month.) Learn more. LISTEN NOW.