CFD 347 [REPLAY 259] – How to Become A Real Estate Entrepreneur

We are always learning new things and trying new things so we can become bigger and badder in whatever we are doing in life and in our professional lives. When we have a business we need to keep trying new things with our marketing. This is a critical factor in building your presence in the world and online.

At Cash Flow Diary we have been trying a few new things to spread our message and presence. One thing is Periscope. So in this unique episode I lift the audio from a recent Periscope session to cover the topic of how to become a real estate entrepreneur.

If you’re new to Cash Flow Diary and are just learning about what we do here, this episode should be very helpful to you. I recap my path to becoming the businessman and investor I am today. You’ll also learn that I’m a father of a few very active children, cuz you’ll hear them from time to time in the background.

I can give Periscope two thumbs up. It’s fun, it’s easy to use and I can record literally from anywhere. What’s also cool is that I can interact with people in real time because the questions flow in, I see them and get to answer. What’s better than that?

Another thing you will get a glimpse of is the chaos of my world when I’m at home with the kids! So if you have ever told yourself that you can’t get into real estate investing because you have children and too much chaos, I’m going to have to call you on it. That’s just an excuse. Of course, to fully appreciate my response, you need to head over the ABOUT PAGE on this site and watch a short video about how my life has changed since I first started as a wholesaler and then moving into a buy-and-hold real estate entrepreneur. Learn more. LISTEN NOW.