As Monty Python might say, now for something completely different! (Or something like that anyway.) Call it an experiment, but this is what we're doing today as a podcast episode, because it came to my attention that you might not know that every Tuesday at 4 p.m., PST, I do a LIVE online show called Q & A with J. What's the show about? I host it for one reason: to answer investors’ questions in real time . It is really fun for me, because I never know the types of questions I’m going to get. The audience is made up of a mix of new and very seasoned investors… and everything in between. We cover a lot of ground as the questions come rolling in through the chat window about wholesaling, Raising Private Capital, fix ‘n' flips, buy-and-holds, notes, negotiating deals, calculating terms and payments, and so much more. I also answer questions that I get from people ahead of time. If you want to send in your questions so they are sure to be answered, head over to www.cashflowdiary.TV/updates. Follow the prompts and get your questions to me as fast as you can. Then tune in to the next Q & A with J., which again is Tuesday at 4 p.m., PST, on www.cashflowdiary.TV. Have a pen, paper and maybe even a calculator ready, because you’re going to want to take notes and maybe run numbers along with me. Some have called this show my best-kept secret, because we don’t talk too much about it. The show’s popularity is certainly growing, so word might be getting out. That’s what prompted this podcast episode. Hey, I want you to join me for every episode and get a chance to ask questions. It keeps me on my toes and helps me serve you better. Why wouldn’t you join me for the next Q & A with J.? The price is right. It’s free! For now, listen to one of my recorded episodes. Enjoy!

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