Mark Blount, a resident of Hobe Sound, Florida, is now a successful
businessman and owns several different business ventures.

After retiring from the NBA in 2010, Mark turned his attention to developing his business interests. With the counsel of his mentor, Charles Smith, Mark opted to become involved in the food franchise industry.

In addition to the food stores, Mark is involved in residential real estate in Palm Beach Gardens. Mark found a block of property in Palm Beach Gardens that was sorely in need of renovation.

Always ready to learn new skills, Mark undertook the challenge of rehabbing twelve units with hands-on instruction from friends. “I knew some basic carpentry and I thought it would be great to do the work myself. So with the help of some professionals and learning as I went, we knocked out twelve units in a year.”

The transformation of the area was warmly welcomed by the city and the neighbors and the units have been in demand by renters.

Link: https://www.markblount30.com

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