CFD 387 [REPLAY 196] – BONUS LIVE Q & A from Irvine

Giving you more value than you expect is my goal in everything we do at Cashflow Diary. You'll see just how true this statement is once you listen to this BONUS episode that includes a pretty helpful part of my Irvine presentation about determining your Investor Identity and what types of investments you might take a look at as you work toward your goals. I'd take notes if I were you, because I give some good tips you can use immediately. This episode of the Cashflow Diary podcast includes a lot of answers to questions posed by audience members. They are great questions, too! In this episode I talk about how I can track the timeliness of rent payments and reasons for that in my C-Class property. I also talk about why you need to understand your renters. If you don't, you're going to run into problems. It always goes back to deciding those whom you want to serve. Until you understand this aspect of owning rental properties, you can mess up as a landlord. I share with the audience how you can start out in one market and move to another. I liken it to my own path, where I started out serving people in the Wal-Mart properties and how I’ve moved more toward the Target properties and may move into serving individuals in the Nordstrom market. As real estate investors, we can all learn and then serve the market we understand best. As I say in this episode, the most important Investor Identity you need to understand is yours! Only then do you move to serving others who fit your identity. And then you find the properties, because you will be looking for problems to solve for people in that market. You'll want to listen to this bonus episode because you'll learn what to look for on a title and how to get around some issues. You'll learn why making assumptions isn't a good thing. I've added extra questions and answers in this episode that come from a recent recorded Q & A with J, too! All I can say is grab your ear buds and give this helpful and informative episode a listen!