CFD 389 [REPLAY 141] – More questions; more answers… Recorded LIVE!

There's nothing better than seeing J. Massey in action as he fields questions from investors and students at all levels of learning. (There are four, you know!) It's like watching an all-star baseball player up to bat who hits nothing but home-runs. J. knocks the answers out of the park every time! He's not good at it… he's excellent! New investors learn a lot during these¬†live Q & A sessions, but there are seasoned investors that show up week after week to get their questions answered, too. They get what they come for whenever they log in to watch the weekly Q & A with J. web show LIVE every Tuesday at 4 p.m., PST. Since the show can only be accessed by Cashflow CORE Members, you may have missed it. We gave you a sneak peek on Monday; we're doing it again (and probably the last time) today in this special behind-the-curtain look at an expert investor in action. Is there anything J. can't answer about Real Estate Investing, what it takes to be an entrepreneur or everything you need to do to set up and run your business? Not so far! Become a CORE Member and see if you can stump him! Better yet… become a member so you can watch him rip deals apart, help you with your deals, answer all your questions about investing, and also get to know the other members. It's a great place to network with lots of likeminded individuals. You might just end up doing deals with other members! That's when the magic really happens. Learn more. LISTEN