In this second part of my two-part series in the Cash Flow Diary podcast, I’m coming to you recorded LIVE event I did in Irvine, California. If you didn’t listen to the last episode, get back there and do so. That way you’ll know why I’m starting in the middle of the event!

I was in front of an audience of about 80 like-minded individuals who were there to learn new ways to earn income and put their message out to the group. That’s what we all need to do as real estate investors… as often as we can. We also need to keep educating ourselves. That’s why attending events where you can learn from expert speakers is a really good idea. I’m happy to share what I know with audiences far and wide.

In this event, I made new contacts and got a chance to expand my reach as a center of influence. Remember, to educate is to dominate. You want to educate others and help them solve their problems through real estate investing. In this episode I pick up where I left off in the last episode, and cover a great deal of ground quickly!

I want you to make sure to listen closely as I ask audience members questions to get them to think more about what they want out of real estate investing. I do this to help them and to help you move your needle forward in your business… whether that’s real estate or any other entrepreneurial endeavor. Learn more.

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