What's better than inspiring seasoned entrepreneurs? How about inspiring young entrepreneurs who are just now jumping into the entrepreneurial pool and really need guidance? YES! That's what I love to do. That's why I enjoyed presenting at the recorded live event in Irvine, Calif., from which this highly educational episode of the Cash Flow Diary podcast is taken.

I got to tell my story and talk about how I entered real estate investing, which was as a wholesaler. In fact, I still have my first property. It's in California and I can drive to see it anytime I want. I don't because the renter remains in place and there are no real problems to deal with. The property sort of runs itself, which is excellent. This first transaction was really important for me to do because it showed me that I could gain the skills to do more of this type of transaction. Long story short, I did over and over again. I did pretty well, too. I earned six figures my first year as a real estate investor!

That wasn't all that long ago. In fact, that was 2008. Today I have more than 300 units of property across various states. I own a cell phone tower, and I have commercial deals under my belt. I've come a long way because I keep learning. Yes, even today.

When you listen to this episode you will hear why I had to learn how to use other people's resources to keep moving my needle forward. One of the tools I learned to use is other people's money. That's just one thing you will learn from listening in on this recorded live event… no matter what age you are. Pay close attention to one of the ways I find clues about business and real estate so I can figure out how to earn more money as an investor. You'll want to put into practice the things I teach in this episode! Learn more.

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