As a real estate investor, success comes to you once you understand whom you serve. So, let me ask you something… Are you serving anyone well (or at all) by allowing negative thoughts to intrude the corners of your mind and walk all over your goals? You’re certainly not doing yourself any good, and unless your intent is to attract negativity to your life, you need to stop negative thinking now. I MEAN RIGHT NOW.

That’s what this episode of my Cash Flow Diary podcast is all about. It’s the second in an eight-part series dedicated to the things you must stop doing immediately if not sooner to allow success to enter your life. (If you didn’t listen to part one, go back and do that now.)

The funny (or not-so-funny) thing is that we can all be big negative thinkers from time to time. (That means being our own worst enemy, too, by the way.) Truth is negative thinking kills. It kills opportunities… it kills relationships… it kills deals… it kills goals. So why participate in something that isn’t going to help you get further down the path in your journey?

Replace your negative thoughts with those of a more positive spin. If you’re prone to being negative, learn new ways to express yourself. Like Tony Robbins says, you can learn to replace words with negative connotations with those that bring more positive meaning. For example, instead of telling yourself (and others) that you are “nervous, scared, anxious or frightened” about learning something new and putting it to use, try replacing those words with “excited.” Just that minor difference makes a huge impact on how you feel about what you are doing.

Did you know negative thinking can make you sick? Yes, sir. There are reasons to take on a more positive outlook. It’s simply healthier all around… for everyone.

Think about your daily conversations with people. Who do you like to talk to? I’m betting it’s not the Negative Nellies and Debbie Downers who have a lot of negative thinking going on for themselves. It’s more likely that you are drawn to those confidant individuals who display positive thinking, communication and actions. You want to be around those who are moving forward with a smile, and who have good things to say about other people and the world. You get excited for them when they start talking about what they’re doing, because positivity attracts. Conversely, negativity repels. Big time!

I recorded this episode of my podcast because I want you to be your most uplifted, positive self. I want you to stop the negative self-talk and negative thinking all-around. For more reasons you want to stop your negative thinking, give this episode your ear. Then practice what you’ve learned here today! LISTEN NOW.

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