As I continue with my “8 Things to Give Up” series today, I take you where you may not want to go. In this episode of my Cash Flow Diary podcast, I ask you to do something for me… for yourself… for your loved ones. Give up your fear of failure!

In fact, I’m asking you to look at failure in a whole new way. I want you to embrace it!

Any successful entrepreneur has had plenty of failure events, and that’s how you have to look at things when they don’t go as planned. They are not “failures” in the truest sense of the word. They’re just events in your life and your business that didn’t pan out as you expected.

So what? Now what? Next…

You have to learn to move past hold-ups, challenges, issues, problems and unexpected twists and turns. That’s part of life. None of us magically know how to do things the right way the first time. Everything takes practice… or do you think I suddenly and without hard work and PRACTICE became a successful real estate investor, coach, educator, author and speaker?

When I first started in real estate investing there were tons of things I didn’t know. If I had let the fear of failing at those things where would I be now? I didn’t exactly have a choice. My wife was very ill; I had no job; my kids were hungry. Regardless of how scared I may have been in the beginning I had to put those fears aside and take the necessary steps to get to my first goal, then my second, then my third and so on. I had to educate myself on those steps.

See, that’s the thing… It’s your reaction to your thoughts, feelings and emotions that you need to learn to control. Everyone has fears, but it’s our responses to our feelings that makes the difference between success and not being successful yet.

You must learn to calm your inner negative, doubtful, fearful chatter. That’s all it is. Chatter. Understand that you CAN do what you set out to do… because you aren’t the first person who has ever tried this new thing you are trying to do. Plenty of people have come before you, which means you have just as much chance as them to get to your goals.

In this episode I talk you through your fears and how to gain control over your emotional reactions. You’re gonna be just fine. Trust me on that one. Learn more. LISTEN NOW.

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