CFD 405 – The Message Is Greater Than The Money

This is an intriguing story of wealth, scandal, and redemption.

Joe Gagliano is a former trader of bonds futures, with the Chicago Board of Trade, and architect of one of the biggest sports point-shaving scandals in American history – the subject of his new book, No Grey Areas: The Inside Story of the Largest Point Shaving Scandal in History and the Consequences Thereafter.  

At the age of 24, Gagliano quarterbacked the ASU basketball point-shaving scandal, still one of the largest scams in sports history. Not only did he outsmart the sports betting world, as an entrepreneur Joe managed to create a number of legitimate and highly successful businesses.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Who is Joe Gagliano?

Now a family man, and resurrected entrepreneur, Joe is the son of a cop and two-time felon.

Joe Gagliano then and now; living by default vs. conscious choice and direction

  • The dark side of gambling; the impact on career, relationships, and overall happiness
  • Investing vs. gambling
  • Transferrable skill sets

Is it possible to learn how to run a business from a felon?

  • Living in the Grey-Area

Many of the skill sets required to operate in the grey-area of law are very effective in managing a business. “Applying those skills, in the proper channels, can lead to great success.”

  • Joe’s Takeaway

Being one-degree off center, at an early age, may lead you astray years down the road.

“It takes twenty-years to build a reputation, and five-minutes to ruin it.” ~ Warren Buffet


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