CFD 406 – If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail – College Planning And The Future

  • a couple of years ago

This episode takes a deep dive into the rising cost of a college education, and the financial impact on families.

As a college planning specialist, Brad provides “action plans” focusing on financial aid, tax, cash flow and academic planning.  Brad’s customized strategies are designed to help parents and students plan and pay for college, increase financial aid rewards, and obtain scholarships and loans.  

Brad’s expertise is featured weekly on his podcast, Taming the High Cost of College.  Since 2013, Brad and his guest experts have explored and shared great information related to college planning.

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is Brad Baldridge?

Brad is a College Funding Consultant, chief podcaster, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, TM.

After five-years at an engineering firm, Brad Baldridge walked away from his corporate job and never looked back.  Brad could not envision himself in a corporate-cubicle for 20+ years, so he found an alternate path.

  • Planning for College and the Future

The cost of college has risen and parents are now expected to pay.

Making the plan come together; the money gap and lifestyle choices after college.

Owning Real Estate as a Safety Net for Entrepreneurship

  • Is the College ROI Still Worth It?
  • Can You Prepay for College?

Building your college list appropriately can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Are “Name-Brand” Schools Worth the Price Tag?

“Your competition has a degree too.” ~ Brad Baldridge


Robben, Brian. “How to College”
Clowes, Kat. “Put College to Work: How to Use College to the Fullest to Discover Your Strengths”

  • Brad’s Takeaway

There are so many variables involved in college.  Start planning now, especially if you have children in high school because it is a process that takes time and money.  

Our motto is all about helping families save time, save money, and reduce stress in the planning process for college.


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