CFD 410 – Taking Total Control Of Your Finances

Taking Total Control Of Your Finances

This episode dives into why the typical view of investing and retirement is wrong, and how you can reclaim total control of your finances.

Damion Lupo is the epitome of a true entrepreneur, starting his first business at age eleven. He continued down the entrepreneurial path to establish 30 companies, in the years to follow. Damion is the founder of the martial art, Yokido ™, and holder of 1st, 3rd, and 5th degree black belts.  Damion is a published author of five books, with two more scheduled for release in 2017.  

Today, Damion operates an Austin based FinTech, dedicated to disrupting Wall Street. Damion’s mission is to get people off the Wall Street Roller Coaster, and in control of their money and financial future.

Podcast Highlights


  • Who is Damion Lupo?


Damion paid for his first rental property with a VISA, purchased 150 properties in seven states over a five-year period, and went through a $20,000,000 meltdown in 2008.  

Lupo is a true believer that anything is possible. This mindset turned him into a “disruptor of the norm.” Your past becomes damage that prevents you from thinking in ways that seem outlandish; being naive can be a huge benefit. Your influences are what you become.


  • Top 3 Lessons From The Financial Meltdown


Failure is an opportunity to learn. It is imperative that you own what happens in your life, as responsibility gives you control.

Entrepreneurs often identify with their balance sheet, which is not the truth of who they are.


  • Reinventing Damion


If you do not fundamentally change your spirit, you will repeat the past. You must be willing to invest in yourself.

After Damion’s father became sick, he made the decision to help other people unlock their freedom and avoid regret.


  • What Total Control Financial Does


If you do not have freedom and control in your finances, it is the equivalent of shackles on the rest of your life.

Maintain control of your assets instead of giving control to Wall Street. The system tries to tell us that we are not smart enough to make our own choices about money.


  • Obstacles And Failure


Life experience is a must-have to succeed, and failure is how you learn. You will not achieve super-hero powers by reading a book. You must enter the life-gym, where blood and sweat is required.

The people you know and like do not always make good team members. As a result, those difficult conversations may become harder to navigate.  


  • The Craziest Investment Damion Has Seen
  • A Different View Of Retirement


Why would you quit once you’ve gathered decades of wisdom?

You must find a way to connect and contribute. When you contribute, you learn faster.


  • Damion’s Takeaway


Use the Blank Slate Principal. How many things and people are in your life by default, that are not helping you grow into the person you want to become?  


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