This episode is a deep exploration into limited thinking, and the impact on raising capital. Have you ever said to yourself, “I would totally crush my business if I had the money?” For those entrepreneurs seeking new ideas to raise capital, look no further. In this podcast, we discover there is more than one way to “skin the proverbial money-cat.”

Clark Nichols spent a lifetime helping companies build their businesses, initially as an employee in his early years, as an owner in his ambitious years, and now as a consultant in his productive years. Clark is credited with assisting more than forty companies go public, in his decades of service to entrepreneurs. He is a natural born entrepreneur infused with a missionary zeal to help the next generation of entrepreneurs learn that business is a clean and honorable profession, bound by rules of propriety as well as law.

Podcast Highlights

  • Who Is Clark Nichols?

Clark taught school for a couple of years, but quickly discovered the teaching-world was not for him. Although a good teacher, and well-liked by students, it was not a fulfilling experience. After the brief teaching stint, Clark joined a national lecture tour, speaking about the Principles of Management in Business. He eventually moved on and found success in Brazilian mining operations.

Later, in his mid-thirties, Clark lost $6.4 million in a six-month period. Still reeling from the huge financial loss, Clark was approached by an attorney to take on a failing public company.  Although he had no knowledge or expertise relating to public companies, the offer included a six-figure salary to “clean up the mess.” Clark jumped at the opportunity, which launched his career as an expert in raising capital and taking companies public.

  • Raising Capital

One of the challenges to raising capital is thinking too small. People buy stock based on what they think the future holds for it.

  • Can Anyone Go Public?

With a strong business plan in place, along with the history required for implementation, the company has an opportunity to go public.

  • Equity And Ownership

The ability to raise capital and take your company public is achievable. The key is to maintain voting control.

  • How Small Can A Public Company Be?
  • Building A Strong Business Plan
  • Clark’s Takeaway

The key is a strong business plan, and to devoid yourself of the limited-thinking mindset. People are afraid to fail but, as entrepreneurs, you CANNOT be afraid of failure. “Walt Disney had 15 bankruptcies before he drew a mouse.”

For entrepreneurs that are truly ready to take the leap, Clark says the first step is simple – just give him a call to discuss the plan… He will ask questions to determine your background, and the qualifications needed to execute the plan. If both are aligned, Clark will provide a plan to raise capital and move forward.



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