Erik Stark is an Expert Real Estate Entrepreneur, Educator, Marketer, Ubercool Dad and Dedicated Husband of 13+ Years. Erik has purchased hundreds of properties, created masterful marketing pieces, shared the stage with the top real estate and personal development educators, helped thousands of people improve their lives and continues to pour his life into people, friendships, disciplines, breakthroughs, and growth.   

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is Erik Stark?

If you want to know who Erik really is you have to observe him, not just listen to his words.

Erik originally went to take the test for his Real Estate license right out of high school but after being told there weren't enough people in the class and the test was canceled, he believed that Real Estate wasn’t for him. He later went on to work in an automobile detailing shop where he met up with a friend that convinced him they should go into the Real Estate business together. In the first eight months in business, they closed 35 deals and generated just under a quarter million dollars in profit.

  • What was it like when you realized you could make that kind of money?

The biggest breakthrough in Erik’s business life was when he realized he learned a new skill that he could take it wherever he went.

  • Principles of Real Estate Investing

“The man who chooses his own principles can gladly choose his own methods throughout life.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Success and entrepreneurship is not about what’s quick and easy. It’s about a systematic approach to testing and improving your process.

  • What are your top three principles?

Stop chasing an opportunity and work a strategy instead. Focus on lead generation. Focus on your vision and don’t abandon it for something new and shiny.

There are a million ways to make money in Real Estate, but when you strategy aligns with your values that’s when you create something very special.

Once you have a team that can execute, your job becomes generating leads to keep the team working. Taking lead generation to the next level is how you can stand out in the marketplace.

Everyone questions their path every once in awhile. When you know your “why”, it will lead you to the right path towards greatness. You will never outearn your personal growth.

  • What is it in your vision that helps you push through?

There is no growth without trials. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. There is risk no matter which path through life you pick.

  • Erik’s Takeaway

You have to find something bigger than yourself that is going to help you keep it together when the negative voices start talking. Break it down to its core so you know exactly why you’re pushing so hard. With regards to Real Estate, learn it from a street level that is close to home. Have as many conversations with buyers, sellers, and lenders of Real Estate that you can.




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