Drew Westervelt is Founder & COO of HEX Performance. As a 9-year professional lacrosse player, Drew has traveled the world competing and performing at the highest level, discovering first-hand the challenge of washing performance wear and athletic gear.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Drew has deep roots in his hometown. After graduating from UMBC, it was only natural to build HEX in the city he loved. Drew’s rejection of the status quo and his experience in team management both on and off the field led to the development of HEX products that are changing what clean means for laundry today.   

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is Drew Westervelt?

Drew viewed what most would call a disability a gift. Being dyslexic forced Drew to change the way he learns and approach things differently.

Drew wasn’t always on the path of the entrepreneur. He got an uninspiring job out of college while playing professional Lacrosse on the weekend, which lead him to having the idea that eventually lead to the creation of HEX. HEX has essentially been a story of multiple pivots and innovations in the market and the technology.

HEX is to detergents what Uber was to the Taxi industry a few years ago.

  • What was the timeline for HEX performance?

Being a professional Lacrosse player gave Drew a platform that he wouldn’t have had otherwise and opened doors for him that never would have been there.

Drew realized that he needed to engage people and have a scrappy guerilla mindset in order to get his product out there.

Targeting specific groups of people and letting the performance of the product speak for itself has been a very successful strategy. Beating the street and talking to people has been the method of choice.

  • Drew’s Takeaway

Dive right in. Being an entrepreneur is an incredible process. It’s completely empowering, it’s completely terrifying, but at the end of the day you’re much more fulfilled if you can find something that you’re passionate about. Even something as silly as laundry detergent.


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