Joe Yazbeck is the Founder and President of Prestige Leadership Advisors whose mission is to facilitate leaders in becoming dynamic powerful communicators so they can significantly influence the world around them. Joe has worked with heads of state to leaders of major corporations as well as high-ranking military officers, political candidates to best-selling authors.

Joe Yazbeck is a highly sought after leadership and communications coach. Government and business leaders around the globe seek his counsel and company’s services at critical times such as PR, launching a brand, strategic direction, media training, speaking to government committees, winning a political campaign, creating a successful exit strategy, and leadership development.

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is Joe Yazbeck?

At the ripe old age of five, Joe was the chosen performer for his family when the mood was down and that was when he realized that he loves to perform. Joe is a person that loves to help and improve conditions in any way, shape, or form.

Joe believes that every person has in them inspiring moments that they can draw from to deliver a powerful message. When you speak with authority, confidence, and effortlessness, people will look up to you and listen to you.

  • Are people born able to speak well?

Public speaking is an entrepreneurial skill that needs to be developed. If you believe you don’t have the personality for public speaking, you’re wrong. Everyone is naturally extroverted and expressive, you have just been convinced by the people around you to be fearful. You don’t have to take on another identity to speak to people.

  • What was your journey like?

Joe learned more about people by portraying characters which is why he switched his major in college to performance. Joe went on to start a band and perform on stages across California, develop further talent, and helping other people get comfortable with public speaking.

The easiest way to understand public speaking is you are on a stage looking at people looking at you. It’s as simple as that.

Technology is removing some of the barriers of public speaking because the social dynamic is not the same as a face to face conversation but you can still reach thousands of people at the same time.

  • Which is more challenging? An audience or a screen?

You have to connect with an audience. On camera, you have to envision an audience and imagine you are connecting with your target market.

You’re not going to sell anything without emotion. Your product may not be interesting in itself, but the benefit you are providing certainly is. People want to see you and trust you, to know there are some passion and confidence behind the business. Every business owner and executive should get visual.

  • Why do so few do it?

People have a fear of being humiliated or embarrassed, they believe it will compromise their position. All the entrepreneurial skills can be learned, but in the beginning, you are probably not very good.

What is more important than being able to speak to your own staff? Whatever you lack knowledge in you will be insecure about.

  • What does it typically take to transform someone?

Joe has programs that span six months, twelve months, and longer. It depends on how much change the person is looking for. Joe has also hosted intense five-day workshops because change can happen very quickly.

People will avoid stepping up until they are put into a position where they need these skills. There are great people that should be speaking.

Entrepreneurs always need the ability to communicate the value of their business. We don’t live in a computer or technology age, we live in a connection and communication age. You should always be delivering a message with confidence and passion when you do people will trust you. The more people that trust you, the more money you will make.

Reference: No Fear Speaking, High-Impact Public Speaking Secrets to Inspire & Influence Any Audience, Joe Yazbeck

  • Joe’s Takeaway

You have to make the decision that you are good enough and deserve it. The worst place to be is a maybe. Get off the fence, you have nothing to lose. Once you are through it, you are a different human being and will have to courage and confidence to go out there and transform the world around you.



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