Lior has been nicknamed “Globeionaire” by millionaire entrepreneurs, investors, and businessmen who have seen him in action. He has a global approach to life and business, and that’s where the name originates from. Over the past 16 years, Lior has built, run, and managed various exciting ventures across 2 continents.

With Wealth Research Group, Lior provides a glimpse into his inner thoughts and work processes, so loyal members get to grow and expand their financial expertise along with him. His drive to consistently outperform the markets with an elevated degree of safety on one end and his commitment to seek out and find the most explosive “under the radar” opportunities on the other end will be clear to you with every word you read.

Lior’s essential goal is to help you become wealthier by arming you with advanced strategies and a rich plethora of tools. Lior’s background is the ultimate blend of dividend and value investing, specialized high-yield companies for retirement, and the inner circle of venture capital, where his rolodex and contacts will become your unfair advantage and secret gateway to opportunities. Readers and members can anticipate Lior’s meticulous and unceasing pursuit of in-depth knowledge and ambition of living a wealthier, more balanced life, inspiring you to act and pursue your financial goals.

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is Lior Gantz?

Lior started out by playing basketball and learning the art of a team sport. Being a playmaker for the team allowed him to understand how to make other people better at what they do. This is where Lior developed the idea that not all people are built alike and you can’t expect the same things from different people and he became extremely self reliant.

He was unique amongst his friends in that he learned early on that you need to save money and not spend everything and that you need to deploy capital in order to make money.

For most people, investing should be secondary and not primary in their pursuit of creating a good life. An entrepreneurial focus is required first before value investing really begins to pay off.

Instead of trying to put people where Lior needed them, he learned that he needed to find the right people initially and focus on that.

People like to make things harder for themselves than they need to, in business you should go where the competition is minimal and the barrier to entry is low. Branding is the number one thing that people need to do in life.

  • Building Your Capital and Value Investing

The first thing that people needs is a start over fund. Set aside enough money to cover your expenses for a year. Keep it at your residence in case you have an emergency. You need to figure out your lifestyle burn rate is, what your skill is and what you can do to create value.

In order to save, you will need to shut out a number of distractions. 95% of people are three paychecks away from being broke. In order to build wealth, you will need to make sacrifices and maintain discipline. Value investing takes time.

If you service less people and specialize in a specific niche, you will make more money. Building a massive business is a massive undertaking and isn’t right for everyone. When you shut out distractions, you can become smarter in a narrow body of knowledge that the vast majority of people in only six to 12 months.

The quickest way to the good life is ignoring your inner voice that says it’s going to take a long time, find somebody nearby that you want to work with and figure out how to add value to what they are doing. Do what you can to connect with that person and learn from them.

It all comes down to being indispensable.

  • How do we find areas of low competition?

If there is an area where nobody wants to do anything, that is an area of opportunity in general. Consider the case of Ethereum. At $12 a coin, nobody knew what is was but when it went to a $1000 a coin, it was no longer a good opportunity.

Aim for professions that are not official professions where you can create your own title. There is much less competition and more opportunities to provide truly unique value. It’s also possible to be entrepreneurial within existing organizations and discover opportunities within your own industry.

  • Lior’s Takeaway

Do a self assessment, not everyone is equipped to start a business. Understand where your strengths are and utilize them within an existing organization if it makes sense for you. Discover the areas of your life where there less friction. Do not try to put in the effort to strengthen your weaknesses. Strengthen your existing strengths, that is where the money is. Once you find your strength, confidence comes along with that.

Be motivated, not inspired.


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