Brad Chandler has successfully flipped over 2,100 houses since 2003. He is currently the CEO of Express Homebuyers – a real estate investing empire that does more than 200 deals per year without his assistance. Brad wrote How to Wholesale Real Estate for Profits Without Bank Loans to help others achieve their real estate investing dreams.

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is Brad Chandler?

When Brad was ten years old, his parents divorced and his family was facing going into public housing. His experience led him to read How to Buy Real Estate With No Money down and it inspired him to make real estate the foundation of his education. After living paycheck to paycheck for a few years, he met an investor that purchased his neighbor’s house and he opened Brad’s eyes to the world of flipping houses. Eight months later he managed to find his first deal.

  • Wholesale Real Estate Myths

When people think of real estate, they think of banks and capital heavy investment. They don’t realize there is another way to do it.

Most people who dabble in real estate give up too easily. You have to develop patience in the face of desire, the mindset is key. Mindset is the difference between people who achieve the success they want and those who give up. Luckily you don’t need an expensive degree to change your mindset.

Not knowing what you are doing shouldn’t stop you, a growth mindset allows you to figure it out as you go along. You may not know the answer today but you will find it if you look for it. It comes down to what you want in your life.

  • Walking Away

Brad always wanted his business to work for him instead of him working for his business. The secret is simple, people and systems. If you build the people, the people will build the business.

The easiest part of the wholesale real estate business is selling a deal. If you have a true deal, you will always find a buyer.

Everyone’s problem in the wholesale real estate space is finding the right people. Brad takes his time to hire and fires quickly. If you feel the need to hire someone, it’s already too late and you should have hired them long ago.

A poor hiring decision will cost you ten times the person’s salary. Take your time to find the person who is the right fit.

Brad’s passion is marketing and by bringing in the right people, he has been able to focus on marketing his business and it’s now one of the most highly trafficked websites in the investing space.

You must have a website in this day and age. SEO and pay per click advertising are the two main strategies that Brad has used to crush it online.

Brad has always had a passion for teaching and seeing the low quality in the real estate investing space lead him to create his own coaching business to help people start and scale real estate business.

Reference: How to Wholesale Real Estate for Profits Without Bank Loans, Brad Chandler

  • Brad’s Takeaway

Download your free report from the link below. If someone is doubting your path, make them sit down and watch the video. There are only a few different areas that you need to understand in order to succeed in real estate and the rest is just busting your butt and making it happen.



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