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Greg Jameson is a Colorado  Small Business of the Year and Inc 500  Award Winning Entrepreneur.  As the president of WebStores,  he is now focusing this expertise on CEO’s of both established and emerging businesses that need a profitable web store presence. As a public speaker, he dynamically brings these eMarketing techniques to organizations of all sizes,  with tailored approaches for multiple types of industries and organizations. He has awards for the international developer of the year, Colorado  Small Business of the Year and listed on the INC 500 of fastest growing companies in America.  He's the bestselling author of Amazon's  Dirty Little Secrets: How to Use the Power of Others to Market and Sell for You and the new book The Influencer Effect: Insider Tips for  Gearing Up Your Online Success.

Podcast Highlights

  • Who is Greg Jameson?

Greg has been an entrepreneur his entire life but the main reason he became a techno geek was his opportunity to write computer programs a decade before the personal computer was released.

Millennials often feel like the older generations are computer illiterate, but in many instances, they are the ones that created these system for younger generations to enjoy.

Early on in Greg’s education, he convinced a company he was working for to buy AutoCAD and ended up developing the program to be tailored to the business’s needs. This lead to Greg’s first business.

  • Making The Transition

The internet makes communication easier but business boils down to relationships, the technology isn’t as important as most people think. Building a relationship with someone is the key to doing business with them whether that’s in the internet age or not.

Greg recommends for entrepreneurs to keep your company private for as long as possible, going public means you have to answer to way more people and is not necessarily a great option.

Treat people well, you may end up working for a past employee.

  • Digital Marketing and Ecommerce

One of Greg’s businesses actually developed an ecommerce package a year before Amazon was launched. He worked with manufacturers and producers to create one of the earliest wholesale ecommerce products.

The number one thing to achieve success with ecommerce and digital marketing is building relationships with your customer. The best way to build that relationship is to provide lots of information and not charge for it. There are a variety of mediums you can use to deliver your content, but it all helps establish you as the expert and the only choice in your customer’s mind.

To make digital marketing work for you, you need to become the only choice for people to come to to learn about your niche.

Reference: The  Influencer  Effect: Insider  Tips for Gearing  Up Your Online Success, Greg Jameson

  • Greg’s Takeaway

Jump in with both feet and actually do it. There are few things you can achieve in life on your own, you are going to need a few partners along the way. Align yourself with the very best people you can but don’t be afraid to give your dream a shot.


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